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7 Proven Ways To Earn Money On Ebay

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, stay at home mom or dad or perhaps you are looking for new ways to earn money online?

We have compiled our favorite ways of earning money, and the best part is that you can easily use these methods and you do not require expert knowledge to apply them. And this is one of the proven and tested method.

How To Sell Items On eBay

Before you start selling on eBay, create an account in which you have to sign up for eBay business account if you wish to build a business or a regular eBay registration if you want to try out eBay for the first time. You should also sign up for a PayPal account. The process is straightforward. The benefits of using a PayPal account is that it is safer than checks and your customers will pay for the items without difficulty. Below is the process you should begin with;

Do your research

Think about products you want to sell or even products that can give you high profits. Brainstorm your ideas and classify those ideas. Common categories include technology, fashion, sports or health, and fitness products.

Pick a niche you feel comfortable with

For instance, if you choose fashion, you can sell items such as hats, jackets, football team jackets, winter coats or belts. For technology, you can sell portable chargers, phone cleaners, phone protectors or even touchscreen winter gloves.

Choose the best-selling products

The advantage of choosing the best-selling products on eBay is that your revenue will grow annually. Get an insight of what products are trending by looking at those with most sales. By doing so, you will find out what is causing the big sales. Low price, season or pairing of the item with a popular thing may influence the sales of the product. To find out which product is trending on eBay, click the flag of your country, it is located on the right of your search bar.

How To Get Items That Sell On eBay

The best way to earn money on eBay is by reselling products. Each month, you will make extra cash even if you have no capital. Here are a few ways you can get your products from;

Your house

Do you have items you do not use in your home? You can start making money by selling them. Some of these items include bags, clothes you no longer wear, books or furniture. This is a great way to start off your business, but the supply will deplete soon. To become a big seller, you will need more supply.


Wholesales are not only for big companies who require huge stock. You too, can take stock from a wholesaler at a relatively small cost and resell the products on eBay. Do thorough research before settling on the item you want to resell and the supplier you want to work with.


The fascinating thing with eBay is that you can get some cash by selling an item you bought on eBay. The strategy here is to find items that are in your region or find things that are not viewed by most buyers. Some of those products will have wrong spelling. Identify and buy them then resell the same products on eBay.

Competing online retailers.

Buy.com, Newegg.com, Amazon.com and other retailing companies are not just competitors, use them to get extra cash and here is how you can; find clearance items, price breaks, deals or markdowns. Act as a middleman to products with the highest margins.

Drop shipping

In this scenario, the wholesaler will package and post the item to the buyer for you. Use directories to find wholesalers. Use trusted directories to avoid illegitimate suppliers. When contacting your supplier, ask about the minimum and maximum quantity to purchase, restocking period, the weight or how big the item is because large items can be challenging to manage if you don’t have a drop shipper and the storage space required for the products.

Now that you are conversant with some of the ways you can use to source products; here is how you can increase the conversion rate on eBay.

How To Make Money With eBay

Have Killer Product Titles

Unless your buyer opts to look for product description and the title, eBay will only look at the words in the listing title. Google also uses product title when indexing the page. It is, therefore, essential to have a title that is well optimized. Have the buyer’s mind when writing the title to boost visibility. You also need to provide a specific description because generalizing may make your product invisible when similar items are being searched.

Use Eye-Catchy Photos

Most humans are visual beings. In case you want to post an unpresentable picture because you think you have provided a top-notch product description, please don’t. You might hurt your ability to sell much on eBay in ways you can’t imagine. The truth is, your sales will skyrocket if you use quality images. If you cannot afford professional photos at the moment, find images that best suits your product.

Here is how to use pictures appropriately:

  • Show the scale and dimension of the item.
  • Show the details in close up shots, for instance, the fabric, buttons or patterns if you are selling clothes.
  • Ensure the background of the photo is plain or uncluttered.
  • Avoid using a flashlight because it will change the color of the item and capture the image from different angles.

Your prospect buyers are likely to be viewers rather than readers, therefore, instead of just having an excellent product description, have a perfect image.

Focus On Customer Satisfaction

A positive rating and customer feedback will help you to rank higher on eBay. To become a top rated seller, you should demonstrate customer satisfaction in the reviews. A trustworthy seller is likely to have a lower bounce rate because most of the buyers will complete the purchase.

To get positive feedback, ship the promised items, ensure you meet your shipping deadline, demonstrate professionalism, clarity, and patience when customers ask questions.

Have A Competitive Price

There is no doubt that most customized search by buyers is that of costs. They will search for items from the lowest to the highest rate. Before deciding on your price, take a look at the pricing in your niche. However, if you have a rare and valuable product, you should not use this strategy because by doing so, your product might lose its value.

Have A Detailed Product Description

Nobody likes inadequate information when they get to a listing. Ensure the description is comprehensive. Ensure readers can quickly scan it and let it be rich in keywords so that it can boost your search rankings.

When writing the description;

  • Use clear sentences and short paragraphs.
  • Write the relevant information first.
  • Include the selling point of product or what makes the item unique.
  • Don’t exaggerate the information or mislead your customers using product description.

Advertising On eBay

Your product will not rank higher on google if you use eBay advertising. However, the product will rank higher on eBay, and when the visibility of the product is boosted on eBay, you are likely to have a maximum ROI.

When paying for advertising;

  • Choose the item you want to promote.
  • Choose the ad rate. The rate is usually between one percent and twenty percent of the sale price.
  • You will be charged if the products promoted are bought.

Shipping And Returns Tips

Prospects on eBay are keen on the return policy. If your return policy is not impressive, you are likely to lose customers who think you are not trustworthy and you can’t take responsibility for items with defects. And you will get a penalty from eBay regarding search result rankings because only those with a generous return policy are favored.

Importantly, have a fast dispatch. It means one-day handling. Consumers on eBay are attracted by fast shipment, and similarly, merchants who offer a faster dispatch will be favored by eBay regarding search result ranking.

Most people are after convenience and free stuff. You will be surprised to see more people purchasing a product because it has free shipping even if the cost of the product is slightly higher. So when selling, provide free shopping to increase your conversion rates.


There you have it. The above tips will help you make money with eBay. List your item and start selling. Success on eBay may not come overnight, therefore, exercise a little patience. Also, diversify your skills, and you will be good to go.

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