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How To Make $100-$200 Daily Using Facebook And Twitter

It is possible to develop a home business using Facebook and Twitter. Many people around the world are minting thousands of dollars every month at the comfort of their home using these social media accounts. They perform simple tasks like copy paste jobs, liking, group posting, sharing, comment posting, and many more. With the correct guidance, you can also make some good money on these social media platforms. This guide will take you through 4 actionable ways to make $100-$200 daily on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Earn Money Using Your Facebook Page

A fan page is a great way to create online income on Facebook and Twitter. Many marketers across the globe run popular fan pages that have a massive following. They make over $1,000 daily just marketing their products, services, affiliate products, offers, and CPA offers. Similarly, you can also make some decent earnings if you have a prominent fan page. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! Just start a fan page, post some valuable and educative materials like articles, tutorials, and visual content on it, and share them to relative groups. To promote your post and boost engagement such as likes, comments, and shares or retweets consider creating a paid campaign.

With strong and relevant content, your fan page will attract a large number of followers over time. It takes patience and hard work to make your fan page popular. Once you have a good following, you can start marketing your products, services, and affiliate offerings. Normally, a fan page with at least 20,000 active followers can earn you at least $100 per day.

2. Selling eBooks

Selling eBooks is a great way to make great online income on social media these days. If you can create a resourceful eBook that is useful and can offer people a practical solution to their everyday problems, Facebook and Twitter will give you access to thousands of buyers. You can promote and boost sales of your eBook through your fan page. If you are a passionate traveler and you are running a travel-related fan page, you can create a creative travel eBook and market it as a pinned post on your page. Creating eBooks can be a fun and lucrative online job.

3. Come up with Your Own Twitter or Facebook-related Product

Your audience is either on Facebook or Twitter or both, meaning you are already aware of what they use during their leisure time. Capitalize on this by developing a Twitter or Facebook service that they will need. For instance, many Twitter users would want to have an app that allows them to keep track of what is trending by generating hashtags automatically. While this kind of app may be already existing, you can create a better product that will drive more followers to your page. Also, you can use sites like Upwork and Fiverr to help people earn real Facebook or Twitter followers for as little as $10 for every 200 followers.

4. Take Advantage of Sponsored Posts or Tweets

Are you aware that you can establish a reputable home business that specializes in selling posts or tweets to businesses? There are so many brands that are ready to pay you to post and tweet about their offerings at an agreed fee. Just ensure that you usually post or tweet valuable and informative stuff on your platforms.


There are tons of other ways you can generate online income daily with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, from selling banner adverts on your fan page, selling direct sponsored posts or tweets to sending a personal message to your fans at a fee. But in this guide, we have focused on 4 easy ways you can make at least $100 daily. Remember it takes time and effort to earn such kind of money with your social media accounts.

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