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How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

You’ve probably been looking for work at home VA jobs but don’t know where to start. Mmh… I guess you have ended up here because you went to Google search and typed. “How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant” or any of its variations. No worries. We’re gonna show you proven ways to make money online as a VA (even if you’re a newbie). There are lots of ways, but we’re just going to focus on seven for now.

1) Format and Optimize WordPress Posts

If you’re starting out as a VA, working as a WordPress Assistant is the easiest route to take. WordPress powers more than 25% of websites and blogs around the world. As a WordPress VA, you could lend a hand to businesses that need help with on-page SEO, formatting posts, and image optimization. Your job would be polishing existing posts before they’re published. With 100’s of new sites and blogs going online, there’s no shortage of WordPress management work.

WordPress is easy to learn. The best part is you don’t need to code in order to format or optimize posts. You can learn WordPress basics on resource sites such as WordPress TV, WPBeginner, WP101, and Udemy. Starting rates for a WordPress Virtual Assistant is around $20/hour.

2) Manage Social Media Pages

Think managing blogs is a hassle? You should consider working as a Social media assistant. You’ll love this job if you’re a social media junkie. What does the job entail? You’ll be tasked with researching interesting content such as quotes, images, and videos and posting them on a company’s Facebook, Instagram, or Facebook page. To be precise, you’ll be tasked with the following.

  • Creating and scheduling Facebook posts and Twitter tweets
  • Posting video clips
  • Monitoring social media conversations
  • Responding to comments by followers or readers
  • Running social media campaigns and monitor results
  • Creating polls, surveys, and promotions

If you spend more than 5 hours a day on social media, this could be your launching pad for working online at home. Starting pay for an online job is around $15/hour.

3) Manage Shopify Stores

Some Shopify store owners just don’t have the time to manage their drop shipping business. That’s why they outsource store management. As a VA, you can help store owners to manage their inventory, fulfill orders, and run sales. You will also assist the store owner to:

  • Locate past orders
  • Share updates about new products
  • Capture and upload product images
  • Source in-demand products
  • Showcase the best-sellers
  • Track shipments to ensure they are delivered

In addition, you will also handle inquiries, send out marketing emails, and complaints from customers including refunds. Pay is in the range of $5-10/hour.

4) Travel Planning and Booking

Tourists have lots of options when it comes to holidays and traveling abroad, but most of them don’t have the time to sift through options or find the best fit. Working as a travel planner, you can take away the hassle that comes with researching holiday destinations online. For $20/hour, you will help individuals and business executives find and book flights, research and book the best hotels, schedule their trips, and coordinate car rental among other things from the beginning to the end. Aside from helping tourists with booking, you can also help them find and confirm phone numbers, addresses, and any other information they require. You work will be simple if you really enjoy helping people getting organized.

5) Proofread Web Content and Posts

If you’re obsessed with finding and correcting typos and syntax (proofreading zealot) in a text, you can use your hawk-eyes to help business owners catch and fix spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in content. And it’s not just business people who require proofreading and editing services. Some bloggers just don’t have the time or motivation to proofread their work. Still, others need fresh eyes to check their content before they publish them online. Starting pay could be around $5/hour, but if you prove yourself, you could earn anything between $10-20 USD an hour.

6) Answer Calls and Emails

Most businesses grapple with a ton of inquiries, complaints, and requests from customers. As a VA working at home, you can step-in and ease their burden. Your work as a remote customer representative will entail answering:

  • Order processing calls
  • Reservation calls
  • Credit card processing calls
  • Customer retention calls
  • Phone support calls
  • Product dispatch calls
  • Helpdesk calls
  • Upsells and after-sales calls

In addition to answering calls, you will also reply to emails and handle correspondence via ordinary mail. If you’re a good communicator and highly-organized, you can command up to $30/hour for your services.

7) Manage Email Accounts

Working as an Email marketing assistant is one of the most in-demand VA roles right now. Your jobs would be to manage business email accounts, contacts, and newsletters using software such as GetResponse and MailChimp. On a typical day, you could be doing any of the following:

  • Creating and configuring email accounts
  • Create lists and market segmentation
  • Managing and updating the contact list
  • Cleaning and sorting emails
  • Creating and sending newsletters
  • Managing autoresponders
  • Responding to emails from customers

Working a few hours a day, you could earn upwards of $100 dollars a week. The going rate for email marketing assistants is roughly $20/hour.

Where Can I Find VA Jobs?

There are more than a dozen websites that let you find VA jobs online. Craigslist is a good place to start. Fiverr and Upwork are goldmines for professional VAs. and LinkedIn are other good places to look for virtual assistant jobs. Create your account in any of these sites and add a nice profile. Don’t forget to check VA Groups on Facebook.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd (bottom is always crowded), create a mobile-friendly VA website and showcase your work. It’s advisable that you highlight all the VA services that you offer in a “Hire me” or services page. To get noticed, use keywords such as “virtual assistant” or “online personal assistant” or their variations so that you can appear in search engine results in Google.

Working as a VA can be a rewarding experience not just financially but emotionally. The best part is you can get paid to do what you love just working for a few hours a day. With so many options for VAs, you’ll never be out of work as long as you position yourself well.

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  • I’ve worked in a ton of different spaces, but I can say that being a WordPress dev is an excellent choice. There’s tons of money to be made in the different virtual assistant spaces. One thing that sparked my curiosity is the Fiverr option. I may have to dabble a little more into the space to figure out what works best, but thanks for this excellent guide on different methods to make money as a virtual assistant.

  • Interesting information regarding how to make money as a virtual assistant. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about social media management and how lucrative it can be. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a cool employer and just stay at home hustling!

  • I’m interested in being a travel broker assistant. Helping others organize and plan trips online. Such as flights hotels and rental locations for cars etc…. How do I go about this. And I can only do it at certain times however since I’m a truck driver and only online briefly each day.