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No Talents? Here are 3 Simple Ways to Make Money Online (Part 2)

Thanks to the internet, we don’t have to rely on typical 9-to-5 jobs to earn money. Millions of people around the world found their financial stability from the outsourcing sites.

However, you don’t have to commit to online jobs for earning money anymore. For those of you without any particular talent, you can make use of the World-Wide-Web to earn some cash. Follow any of the three processes below to make money online in your free time:

A. Using GPT Sites

GPT is an acronym for Get Paid To. The GPT websites can pay you instantly through PayPal for completing a fixed set of actions.

The including tasks will be very simple and easy to comprehend. They can range from just taking a survey to signing up for a free trial online. Along with GPT sites, there are also PTC (Paid to Click) sites which pay you just for clicking on ads. More details on each of these tasks are provided below:

1. Taking Online Surveys

Earning money can now be as simple as taking an online survey. GPT sites like SurveyJunkie, Toluna Opinions, MySurvey and more are dedicated to such tasks. All you have to do is answer a few questions related to a particular topic or product.

Many companies benefit from this since the answers serve as customer feedback for them. The questions are mostly in the MCQ format. So you don’t need to spend more than 5-30 minutes per survey.

2. Watching Videos

You can also earn money while watching a video. These videos are not the typical Youtube content or cinematic clips. Instead, these are the advertisement videos created by the giant enterprises.

Their purpose behind paying you for doing this task is to rapidly increase the total number of views on those videos. This will, in turn, increase their AdSense revenues and strengthen their marketing strategies.

3. Completing Offers

This will be the perfect choice for you if you love online shopping. Typically, you just spend money when buying things from e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart.

Now, you can earn some instead of doing the same! There are certain online platforms like Swagbucks which give you a cashback for buying certain products. Tasks like this can offer you a cashback of up to 5%.

4. Installing Apps

Whoever thought one can earn just by installing apps?! There are in fact certain GPT sites which are ready to pay you for installing certain mobile apps.

The task may also need you to keep the installed app on your mobile for a certain time period. Often, the total size of such apps exceeds 100MB. So to prevent these unnecessary apps from eating up your limited phone memory, we recommend using a second phone for carrying out these tasks.

5. Playing Games

We all love playing some kind of game on our mobile, laptop or PlayStation. Almost always, we feel guilty after a while for wasting time this way.

Well, now that game will change forever! You can earn money while playing the game if you do so through a GPT website. For instance, if you love solitaire, NeoBux will pay you for being at the game for a specified time period.

6. Searching on Web

Consciously or subconsciously, we all spend a significant amount of time surfing the web for something. Now you can do the same on particular search engines and get paid for it! Obviously, these paid engines don’t include the free searching platform of Google.

Other similar products like Bing, Yahoo and more depend on GPT sites for revenues to a certain extent. Swagbucks and InboxDollars are two such GPT sites which utilize Yahoo search engine.

7. Clicking Ads

As we mentioned before, the websites which pay you solely for clicking on advertisements are called PTC sites. Initially, this sounds like one of the easiest tasks listed here.

In reality, it makes you quite impatient! You will need to get through each advertisement and refrain yourself from clicking that cross button in the corner.

Earning from GPT sites can be a good way to utilize your free time. But in no way can it be a substitute for a full-fledged job. That is because the earning potential from these sites is pretty low. You can earn from $5 to $25 per day at maximum.

Besides, your location or country will also play a part here. GPT sites are more popular in countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. Availability of such platforms in other regions may not be that favorable. The site will pay you the respective amount via PayPal.

B. Brokering Online Services

Brokering is a little harder to understand than GPT sites. Many people also confuse this with insurance or salesman jobs. In reality, brokering is all about making connections between particular service providers and the customers who need that service.

Such services may include web design, graphics design, content writing, mobile app development and more. It can also involve work of huge industries like real estate and automobile.

To make money as a broker, you will need to possess some basic skills like communication and negotiation. It is a little more challenging than GPT but it pays a lot more as well. For example, if a potential customer is willing to pay about $200 for a project, you can earn $100 by finding someone who can do that project for $100.

This option is most well-suited for experienced people who lost a job or the youngsters who want to be self-employed. They can earn from broker fees, commissions and referral bonuses.

C. Becoming a Voiceover Artist

This is a little more demanding than the previous two. Because being a voiceover artist is not all about earning money. You must also have a minimal interest in it. Otherwise, the voiceover pieces will not work for the respective project.

For such jobs, you need to portray the right emotions and enthusiasm through your voice. Thus, being an imaginative individual works as a plus point here. If you want more progress in this area, you can take up some training classes to polish your skills. Investing in some tools which record clean audio may also help.

The amount of money you can earn from here will depend greatly on the voiceover market size in your area. These markets can be local, regional or national. The greater the scale, the bigger the money. The payment cut will also vary with the quality and versatility of your work.

So as you can see, you don’t have to excel at some particular skill to make money online. You can work at home being a broker or a voiceover artist. Alternatively, if you love being lazy, you can just fulfill a task on the GPT sites.

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  • Quite an interesting article. I’ve always wondered how people are able to charge 100’s for basic services. Now I understand that when people pay in large sums for some objects they are basically passing the work down a food chain. This is brilliant and I think I’m going to see if I can do the same!