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How To Get Paid For Just Visiting A Website

Getting paid for just visiting a website seems like a dream, right? Surprisingly, there are several sites that will give you a decent earning for doing this kind of online job. These online opportunities require only simple web skills like clicking on adverts and remaining on a website for a brief duration. You’ll rack in a few cents for every website visit. Keep in mind that this would be a little extra cash, not a very huge income. Your job is just to click, view the screen, and get paid. Here are ways to earn an online income by just visiting websites.

1. QuickRewards

Do you want to build a home business to help you earn financial freedom? If so, QuickRewards should be your go-to website. If you work hard and dedicate more time to things that earn you money, you can actually escape the rat race and strengthen your financial muscle. This website is rated as one of the leading survey sites in the world. Users get paid to respond to surveys and play games, earning cashback from prominent online shopping platforms. Due to its great earnings potential coupled with its reputation for sending payments to users on time, this site limits signups to only the United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a globally known site where you can earn a good online income. They have plenty of paid to visit sites offers, with the main one being nCrave. This site will pay you a couple of Swagbucks for looking at a website for less than a minute. Other ways of generating online income on this site include answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, using their search engine to browse the web, and subscribing to their offers. You can also establish a full-time home business that earns you streams of both active and passive incomes through their referral program. In most cases, the website offers you $5 for every person that signs up courtesy of your referral. What’s more, if your referrals stay active on the site, you will rack in 10% on all their earnings.

3. CashCrate

Are you looking for a full-time online job? If yes, CashCrate would work wonders for you. It is a perfect alternative to Swagbucks. It has gained massive popularity for its numerous surveys that cut across different sectors. You will receive a check for your first cash out. But for subsequent payouts, you will need a PayPal account. The good thing with CashCrate is that it doesn’t restrict your earning potential to visiting websites only, you can also play games, participate in competitions, and earn your cash back from online shopping.

4. Clixsense

The main way to make a little extra cash through this site is by visiting websites. But you can also get paid for completing surveys and signing up for their offers. The site offers different payment options including PayPal, Check, and a couple of other options once you hit $8.


If you want to start a home business that will earn you extra money, the Internet has many untapped opportunities. By just visiting a website, you can get real cash rewards or even gift cards that you can use to purchase the products you need. The 4 sites above will help you get started.

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