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Top 4 Ways To Get Paid Today

People have a plethora of reasons for starting a home business. Most people are after long-standing, more practical income-generating results while some just want to make some extra cash to pay a debt, basic monthly necessities like rent, groceries and emergency savings. No matter your reason, there are tons of ways to earn extra money online. This guide will take you through 4 realistic ways to earn online income today.

1. Sell Your Used Stuff

Do you have used stuff or unwanted items lying idle in your house? If yes, you can sell such items via eCommerce platforms like eBay. There are also several sites for selling specific used items like jewelry, electronics, furniture, and wedding dresses where you can achieve tremendous success. The best way to increase the chances of your stuff being bought is to take a clear picture of the item and provide a compelling genuine description. Selling used items can be a decent online job. Below are sites where you can sell used items:

  • Amazon: This platform allows you to sell virtually anything
  • BookFinder: Your go-to site for books and textbooks
  • ThreadUp: Popular for selling and buying clothes
  • RubyLane: Sell antiques, vintage, and collectibles
  • NearlyNewlyWed: Sell wedding outfits and accessories

2. Consulting

Consulting is another great way to earn some extra cash online during your free time. If you’re a professional in any discipline, you will be surprised by the number of people out there looking for your services. You could offer them expert advice on their personal or even business goals. To help you get started as a consultant, you can open a free account via This site allows experts who want to provide consulting to create a free profile. After you’ve created a profile, clients will search for you, book a session, and pay for your services.

3. Work as a Freelancer

Do you have any marketable skills? Think about services that you can sell through your home business. For instance, you could be good at writing, research, transcription, graphic creation, data entry, making music, or creating funny voice impressions. Such skills can earn you a lot of money if you find the right clients. Join platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr and market your skills. You can also use your laptop to look for sites that will pay you to do an online job. Go to CrowdSource for small jobs and writing projects, Speakwrite for transcription services, or Liveops to answer phones.

4. Take Advantage of the App Economy

The app economy can help you meet some unexpected financial needs. You just need to do some research and find apps that can earn you an extra online income.

  • Postmates: This app allows you to make some cash even if you don’t have a car. For instance, a bike is all you need in certain main metropolitan regions like Manhattan.
  • Ebates: Buy items through this app and earn cash-back rewards.
  • Inbox Dollars: Try this app and get paid for watching TV, shopping, and taking surveys. What’s more, it offers cash rewards.

Earning an online income isn’t as hard as most people try to make it look. It just requires discipline, hard work, and patience. Some methods might generate immediate results to help you meet your basic monthly needs while others can turn your life around and give you financial freedom in the long-term.

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