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Recommended Youtube Channels That Feed Your Mind

As an entrepreneur, it can be a hard and quite a lonely world. You mostly have to go with your gut instincts, but you know that there are people out there like you with the same problems and headaches. So how do you make contact with them and benefit from their experience?

YouTube is a fantastic tool to find not only information but inspiration and innovation. Some of the best business brains in the world share their knowledge on YouTube. This article will review some of the best channels on YouTube and show you what each one has to offer.

1) Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo’s channel is right up there with the best. Her videos are not only packed with useful information but are extremely professionally made, making them quite personal and easy to watch. Her style is controlled but she makes it feel like she is connecting with you personally.

Her channel has 498,000 viewers and on it, she has over 400 videos.

Her emphasis is on empowering people by personal development to create businesses for themselves and grow them.

Although her channel is for both men and women it is clear that she sees women as her primary demographic, as she has a focus on areas that have a more general application to women.

2) Gary Vaynerchuk

With an audience of 1.6 million subscribers, Gary Vaynerchuk is seen as the guru of business thinking. He has a very down to earth style, with a relaxed style of dressing and speaking (he is not afraid to use words which might make some people uncomfortable). He also emphasizes the personal and emotional side of the business, it’s not just about making money.

His business advice is very useful and his presentation is not slick at all but appears completely spontaneous. His style is one that comes over as very honest and trustworthy.

He is extremely prolific and his channel showcases hundreds of videos.

3) Hubspot

Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform with information and advice on most areas of the subject. Hubspot’s channel is different from the others in that it makes it clear that it wants you to be a customer upfront. However, it still delivers great information on the following topics, even if you’re not a customer:

Social media, SEO, analytics, email marketing, and marketing automation.

It has a number of channels, showing a variety of videos on different inbound marketing topics.

Although it is not subtle at all in its pursuit of business, it should not be written off for that reason, as it does provide useful information.

4) Roberto Blake

Blake specializes in the creative field, providing advice and support for people trying to make a living from their art, whatever form that takes.

He can be found on the channel using his name, or the name “Always be creating”.

However, his advice can be used for people looking to start up a business or trying to decide what business to get into and he does have considerable knowledge of the business world.

He has 349,000 subscribers and one particular video titled “10 ways to make passive income online” has had 1,369,536 views.

5) Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is an inspirational speaker and his videos are based on the internal mindset and skills that it takes to create a successful business.

He is extremely passionate and engaging and believes that in order to be successful we need make the most of our own individuality and not necessarily conform to the norms of society.

Only a very small percentage of people are very, very successful and they became that way by doing things differently from everyone else. The idea of being better than mediocre is a favorite theme of his and he encourages people to grow.

He has 360,000 subscribers on YouTube.

6) “Behind-the-Brand” with Bryan-Elliott

This is a YouTube channel where the host, Bryan Elliott goes behind the face of big brand companies and interviews the person behind the success of the company.

This sharing of knowledge and information can be a powerful model for entrepreneurs and those looking to create their own big brand with an online business.

The show focuses on the guests and their experiences rather than the host and it has hosted many people from extremely well-known companies, whose faces may not generally be familiar to the audience but whose skills and ambition brought them success. It also looks at businesses on their way to success and how their creators are engineering their future.

7) Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is not only a hugely successful person but a “brand” in itself. Globally, people associate Tony Robbins with personal development, business development, onstage speaking and books.

He is very skilled in business coaching and programs and has been a mentor for numerous high profile business people.

However, his main passion seems to be to empower people to overcome fear and other internal obstacles to reach for what they desire in life, whether it’s business or personal goals.

He is basically an allrounder and very prolific in his output. His Youtube channel has 476,000 subscribers.

8) Jay Baer

Jay Baer is the founder of a company called Convince and Convert, which certainly gives you the idea that his field of excellence is Marketing.

He has written six books and has 25 years of experience in the marketing field and his Youtube channel showcases his work in areas such as customer service, influencer marketing, the importance of empathy and many other pieces of hands-on advice about building an online business.

His advice is specific and helpful in the area of content marketing and making it work for you.

He has consulted for many global corporations and is a highly sought-after keynote speaker.

9) Sunny Lenarduzzi

She started her Youtube channel with the intention of helping her clients who were having problems with social media. It became very popular and viewers were asking more general business questions, so she broadened her scope and now has 202,000 subscribers.

It doesn’t hurt that she’s young and attractive to watch in her videos but her knowledge of business, with a particular focus on social media, is excellent.

From starting a Youtube channel to how to get your first 100 subscribers, she is a master in this field and certainly worth watching to grow a business.

10) Steve Dotto from Dottotech

This channel provides extremely useful practical help with reviews of products and many “how to” videos.

Steve himself chats about interesting topics such as the best webinar software, note taking software and quite a bit on different aspects of Google. He’s down to earth and quite entertaining.

He can also be found on the Dottotech channel and has around 205,000 followers.

His website also provides a free digital toolkit for starting an online business and his Youtube channel offers free and useful information on a very wide range of subjects.

Dottotech is his business and it offers support for businesses struggling with digital technology.


This article has been designed to help you find the best information channels on Youtube to grow your business.

But keep in mind when you look at these channels that the videos themselves are a lesson in marketing. Every video you see is trying to sell you something, how did they do?

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