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Five Proven Ways To Get Your First Dollar Online

Whether you want to have some quick cash, or just need a sustainable, long-term income, different ways are available today to make some quick cash online. As a matter of fact, it is more comfortable than difficult as most people make it look. Nonetheless, some discipline is needed to be successful in this field.

There are numerous realistic online moneymaking opportunities that you can explore for your benefit. Despite these opportunities being many, we have narrowed them down to five of the most legit and easy online earning opportunities. Let’s have some fun!

1. Start a blog

For the serious individuals who are passionate about online money earning, you can go about it through blogging. It is the most sustainable and most comfortable income sources. But remember this can only be achieved if the set up is outstanding. This can be through niche selection and right audience content target. If you are smart enough about what content is popular then you can tremendously earn from your blogging.

As others look at blogging as a hard nut to crack, understanding the needed steps will ease your work. The key is having profitable content with a professional domain name. After that, you can create offers. These can be eBooks, online courses and content writing for established websites.

2. Use established websites

You can choose to use established websites to make money online. It can either be passive or active income techniques. You can do this through selling old or used items you don’t need, or you can still create digital content or designs which you can sell on these established websites. But you need to focus on building a stable passive income as you are slowly building on your online money making craze.

The advantage of these established websites have apps that are compatible with your phones. They are actively involved with different online work opportunities. Starting with photography, graphic designs, online marketing, and web development. The established websites with different online opportunities include Upwork, Fiverr, Craigslist and Mechanical Turk.

3. Teach English and other languages you good at online

Are you aware of how Asia wants English language tutors? This has made online enthusiast flock Italki.com to offer their expertise in English teaching. This website is dedicated to offering an online virtual classroom for students and freelance teachers. You can give lessons and even set your price. In an overall overview, you are likely to earn $15 to 20 per hour.

4. Using your Android to view ads

If you ever heard of Locket, it’s an app which uses the lock screen of your phone as an advertisement platform. Whenever your phone gets unlocked, you get paid.

I’ve personally used it and would say I earned about $3. It might not be wholesome earning but, its easy earning with no hard work needed. You can try it out let us know how much you earned from it.

5. Sell as an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is the “it” thing now with loads of money making opportunities you can think of. You can get products to sell from Commission Junction, ClickBank, Impact Radius, Rakuten Marketing, and Share-a-Sale. Some huge companies offer affiliate marketing programs you can try out. Always research if you want to work for a legit company that offers relevant services or products that you can sell to your followers as affiliate marketing.

Sometimes to be fully approved by these sites as their affiliate marketing agent, a website that is active and has substantial traffic will be an added advantage. Affiliate marketing can sometimes be hard more so if you are still new with no audience, but with time you earn a steady income from it.


Some online gigs will give you quick results, assisting you in solving some of your monthly necessities like groceries, rent, and utilities. Some can go an extra mile to give you financial independence hence changing your life for the best.

No matter the type of technique you employ for building your online earning, here is one aspect to understand. Across the world today, the most two things the 7+ billion people are searching for. People are either looking for more money or more time. The truth we all know is time carries the day than money. So take your time before deciding on what online earning adventure you want to venture in.

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Angelo Clark

Angelo Clark began his internet marketing career in 2005 as a performance-based advertiser. His passion involves traveling around the world and helping beginners and companies alike build profitable businesses online.

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  • Great information.! My advice to any newbie who wants to go into blogging and affiliate marketing is to be consistent and focus on creating quality content. very soon, you’ll begin to see results. My blog started paying off after 5 weeks of writing and publishing consistently. The traffic and social media shares increased dramatically to my amazement. There were more clicks on my affiliate offers and i started making money. Never give up