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How to Make Easy Money Online Selling Fiverr Gigs

A lot of people have trouble making a legitimate income online. For some, the hassle of going through rigorous processes is just not worth the time. There is an overriding opinion that the digital realm is the most challenging to make cash. This is not the case, though. With just a Fiverr account and a few hours every day, you can make easy money. You also do not even need to invest lots of cash. This method guarantees an easy way to make money online with just a little budget. Join us for an exciting step-by-step guide on how to generate a good income with Fiverr. We will do this by covering four broad areas:

1. The basics of the platform
2. Creating a remarkable gig
3. Improving the visibility of your gig
4. Scaling up

1. The Basics

First, you need to identify a particular area that is of interest to you. The truth is, most people who want to make some cash online do not ponder much about the online jobs that they will be doing. This is a recipe for failure and you should avoid it. If you are a skilled writer, then your area on this platform should be writing. But you need to be more specific so as to get consistent jobs. You could be a creative writer, a technical writer or even a general content writer. Know your specific niche and craft gigs that are specific to this area of interest.

Secondly, create a stunning profile that accurately captures your skillset. On this platform, you have the flexibility to give as much detail as you can about yourself. When creating a Fiverr profile, consider the following key points.

  • Use professional language
  • Explicitly describe your products to the customer
  • Be exhaustive and list your services in a bullet-point format
  • Make sure that the language you use is catchy

There is no escaping the fact that Fiverr has gained a lot of users over the past couple of years. In 2018 therefore, you can expect competition to be stiff. This is why every aspect of the profile needs to be on point. Be concise, creative and appealing to the customer. This is the only way that you will get clients to buy your gigs and stick with you.

2. Crafting the Perfect Gig

The two key concepts you need to familiarize yourself with are; gig description and gig visibility. Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sell services from as low as $5. You sell your services through custom gigs that you design and price. This means that you have the opportunity to start pretty low and you have the freedom to customize your products as you like. The manner in which the platform is configured also allows for innovativeness when designing a gig. When crafting your gig, you should exhaust all the opportunities available to you. The platform allows users to add images, text, and videos to the gig.

Starting with the text, your basic message should be punchy and effective. Clearly describe what your gig is all about and what the client can expect. Make sure that your message is unique so that your gig does not look like every other gig on the platform. Using a personal and intimate tone should do the trick.

The images you use on the other hand should be simple and follow modern design cues. Take inspiration from other successful gigs on the platform as well as elsewhere to ensure that your gig stands out. Again, simplicity and uniqueness should be the key when designing your image. If it means spending a dollar or two, please do that as the outcomes will be rewarding.

Finally, do not disregard the essence of a video. In such a competitive platform, a video gig description is what ultimately separates the serious sellers from ordinary ones. Videos are very powerful marketing tools and all clients are compelled by them.

3. Marketing Your Gigs

As stated earlier, there is competition on Fiverr. The visibility of your gig will thus be the ultimate determinant of your success. The platform works on the basis of reputation. If you have one successful gig that is visible, you are more likely to get buyers and the ratings of buyers will drive you up the ranks. Most sellers on this platform find it hard to sell the first gig. Your marketing strategy should include:

  • Use of appropriate tags
  • Sharing the gig outside the platform
  • Getting business acquaintances to take your first order

Tags act as the primary SEO that will rank your gig on the platform. You should use at least four tags which are specific and descriptive. This will classify your gig accordingly and place it high on the gigs page. After creating the gig, you should also share the gig link widely on your social platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter among others are great for marketing your gig.

Most people also sell their gigs to former business associates or friends who might need the services. This is a crucial move for your business as it gives you the initial ratings and reviews. Gigs that have ratings are more reputable on the platform and thus likely to attract more buyers.

4. Scaling Up

With time, it becomes necessary to scale up. Fiverr gives sellers several great ways to scale up. One of the easiest ways to drive up income is by adding gig extras. It is possible to add additional services on a successful gig and thus increase the basic income per gig. Other than that, there are also several ranks given to successful sellers. When you start working on the platform, you start at Level One. Successive sales and good ratings will get you to the next level – Pro League. When you are on this level, you have much more flexibility to increase your revenue streams by adding add-on services to the gig. The final level is the Rockstar Seller. At this level, your basic income per gig is substantial and your visibility is guaranteed.

Fiverr is a great opportunity for anybody looking to work at home and still make some good cash. There are no limits to the kind of success you can achieve on this platform. Following the above steps will launch you right into the enviable world of passive income.

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Angelo Clark began his internet marketing career in 2005 as a performance-based advertiser. His passion involves traveling around the world and helping beginners and companies alike build profitable businesses online.

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  • I must say this is the most detailed piece I have read about fiverr. I have been having challenges getting my first order but this article has exposed the mistakes I have been making especially on the area of not being specific to a niche.. Thanks

  • Sorry, I have questions on the area of sharing your gig outside the platform. Are there any specific platforms that converts to clients? Thanks in anticipation for your reply.
    – Rhea