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Top 5 Best Work From Home Jobs In 2019

Chances are you want to work from home but don’t know where to start. You are not alone. Each year, millions of people flock Google to search for legitimate work at home programs. Don’t worry as we are going to show you the five best opportunities for newbies.

These are simple but practical ways that require little effort. Within no time, you’ll start making money. So here we go.

1) Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a simple but practical way of making money online from home. It’s a venture that requires very little investment up front. To kick-start your career as a freelance writer, you need a desktop or laptop, a stable internet connection, and a comfortable workstation.

Once you establish yourself as a top freelance writer, you can easily earn several hundreds of dollars per week. The secret to being a successful freelance writer is identifying a profitable writing niche and delivering high-quality content. Some of the top writing niches include health, personal development, technology, and finance. While there are a number of good writing sites for starters, we strongly recommend the following four websites:


2) Virtual Assistant Jobs

Working as a virtual assistant (VA) is another simple way of making money online. Companies and agencies are always looking for virtual assistants to handle various tasks and duties. So there’s no shortage of gigs. You can work remotely as a:

  • Customer care representative
  • Data entry clerk
  • Virtual marketing assistant
  • Projects Coordinator
  • Call center agent
  • Remote personal assistant

If you would like to work at home, this is a good choice given that virtual assistance is an ever-growing industry and the work hours are flexible. You have the freedom to work during the evening or during business hours.

To succeed as a virtual assistant, you need a good PC and a fast internet connection. Most companies tend to check for these two items before they hire. So make sure that you use a reliable internet and your PC is in good condition.

3) Teach Online Courses

Are you still looking for an easy-peasy way of making money from home? Work as an online tutor. Online teaching is a multi-billion industry that offers many opportunities. Just create good learning materials and shoot the best videos. To teach remotely, you will need a good microphone, a PC, and a video camera. You don’t need powerful or high-definition equipment, a good camcorder will do.

You can teach just about anything under the sun from languages such as English to writing skills and even art & design. If you are a good cook or a programmer, you can make money showing students the ABC’s of your trade. So sign up at revenue sharing online platforms such as and to get started.

Apart from teaching online, you can also sell self-study courses to students. Top sellers earn thousands of dollars each year while asleep. So this can be a good source of earning passive income for you as well.

4) Paid Surveys Online

Did you know that you can get paid for taking simple online surveys? Yes, some companies like Swash Bucks and Survey Monkey do actually pay members to give their opinions on products and services. With lifetime payouts in excess of $150 million dollars, legitimate survey sites offer you a wonderful chance to make easy money at home by taking daily polls. In a week, you can make upwards of $50 working a few hours a day. You will get paid by check or PayPal. For its simplicity and regular payments, taking surveys is hands down the best work from home job opportunity available to you.

5) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another gold mine that you should tap. Serial marketers earn thousands of dollars each year on commissions. Dare you miss your share of the pie? To succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to identify a genuine need or a problem and recommend a proven solution. Some of the hot-selling affiliate products and items include:

  • Website and landing page builders
  • Premium WordPress themes
  • Shared and dedicated hosting plans.
  • Health and fitness products
  • Email marketing solutions
  • Drop-shipping products on Amazon

So how can you promote affiliate products online? Simply build a website using Wix or ClickFunnels then write review-style articles or promotional posts with your affiliate links. Don’t forget to share the links on your Facebook page. If you’re familiar with email marketing, you may want to leverage email marketing tools such as MailChimp and GetResponse to reach more prospects. If you’re persistent, your efforts will pay off. Now that you know where to find work from home jobs, get a PC and set up a good internet connection at home today. We strongly advise you to create a comfortable workstation where you can work quietly with little or no interruption.

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