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9 Time-Management Tools That Maximizes Productivity

Have you ever wished you had some extra hours every day? There is always something to be done and time seems to be the only limiting factor. The truth of the matter is, you’ve got all the time that you need so as to get things done. Achieving your desired outcomes is not about having more time. Instead, it’s basically a question of clarity and focus.

Effective time management is very crucial to success in any business. Many people have high aspirations and great ideas. However, only those with the necessary time management skills truly prosper. Having said that, it is always good to seek help whenever it comes to being organized.

When you are looking for some motivation to complete your tasks, make use of these excellent productivity tools to help you maximize your resources and stay on track.

1. Asana

This is a great collaborative business tool. It also works for a person who wants to keep track of his/her own projects or families that are looking for visibility, accountability, and collaboration for group tasks. The tool allows you to see upcoming tasks, prioritize your next tasks and share progress with others. In addition, you can use Asana to manage responsibilities that you have across different areas of your life. Using this app, you will be able to see personal goals, work tasks and home projects in one place.

2. Clear

This is a simple and well-designed application that makes it quite easy to remain atop everything that you want to accomplish. This online business toll works with Apple Watch, OS X and iOS. It allows you to organize your set goals into manageable categories so that you can easily tackle them. In addition, Clear will give you notifications to help you prioritize appropriately. Like a great time management app, Clear can assist you to group your jobs in appealing and convenient chunks. This helps you to visualize your progress much better and easily knock off items from your to-do list.

3. Trello

This is a very flexible project management app that lets you sort through your jobs easily and collaborate better with your teammates. Rather than being lost in slack messages and mess of emails, Trello usually visualizes all your tasks as lists which are pinned to the digital bulletin boards. Every list is made of individual posts known as cards. The cards can represent anything ranging from tasks and ideas to goals. The app allows team members to add comments, custom labels to the cards, attachments, and checklists thus keeping every person on a single page.

4. ProofHub

This is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool that helps people plan, organize, collaborate and also deliver their projects on time. The app is used by a wide range of teams worldwide. It is designed to take out the pain of project management using its amazing features and a simple interface. There’s also a mobile app, so you can always remain connected with your work even when you are on the go.

5. Toggl

Toggl is a very simple time tracker app. Simply click on the button and the timer begins. Toggl is a super simple and easy way of tracking the time that it takes to finish various tasks. The tool also allows you to look at different reports and see the time that you spent on every project throughout the week.

6. Any.do

This is a time management application that can be used with Chrome, Android or iOS. Any.do works just like most to-do apps. However, it has a unique feature which distinguishes it from the rest: the Any.do Moment. You can use this feature to review each task in the morning so that you are never ambushed by your own schedules. This is one of the online business tools that can help train yourself to form new productive habits.

7. Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me is a great tool that unsubscribes you from all those newsletters and deals that usually end up in the Junk folder. The app also organizes the newsletters that you still wish to receive so that they do not pop in your inbox. Instead, the app offers a comprehensive summary of all promotional materials that you receive all through the day into one email.

Unroll.Me makes the task of reading your desired materials quite easily. When it comes to time management, this tool leads the way in fighting off distraction in your inbox. Moreover, the app summarizes all the information that you would like to read during your free time.

8. RescueTime

This free time-tracking app is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. It records the breaks that you take, the websites that you visit as well as the apps that you use throughout the day. RescueTime also provides you with an insight into your real technology behaviors. It will help you to stay on track to meet your productivity goals. Besides, RescueTime blocks distracting sites and apps when you need to focus.

After RescueTime has tracked you throughout the day, you’ll know how you spent time. This will help you to improve your behaviors and eliminate the less productive habits.

9. Timely

Timely is yet another innovative time-tracking tool that keeps tabs the time that projects take. It also helps to efficiently organize your workweek. The app will lay out your workweek and allow you to estimate the time that you need to set aside so as to handle your daily jobs. As you track time, you will be in a position to compare your estimates with the time that it actually took and better plan your schedule in the future.


If you are not using time management systems or tools, then you are losing a lot when it comes to productivity. This means that you aren’t meeting your full potential. These productivity systems range in terms of complexity from the simple tools to complex systems. However, each toll will certainly help you take control of productivity and your time.

Remember, effectively spending your time is not just the key factor to a productive life but it is also a secret to leading a happier life. With the above-listed apps in your arsenal, you will now be prepared to get out and in turn optimize your own life for less stress and more productivity.

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